SOR is a housing program to help individuals suffering from opioid or stimulant use. SOR Case Managers will help support recovery and assist with getting the individual’s life back on track.


Supports include but are not limited to:
Case Management

Case managers will connect individuals to treatment options such as drug & alcohol counseling, mental health counseling, and Medication Assisted Treatment, as needed. Case managers will also work with individuals or families to identify any barriers to treatment involving housing, employment, childcare and transportation needs.

Housing Services and Rental Assistance

Housing services and supports is a key part of the SOR Program.  Case managers will assess initial housing needs and work to match participants with housing options that best support their recovery. A housing stability plan will be developed, which includes a monthly budget, and if needed, rental assistance is available.

Housing and Rental Education

Participants will have the opportunity to be referred to the Butler County Housing Authority’s Supported Housing Options Program (SHOP). SHOP offers education and skills needed to secure safe and affordable housing from a respected landlord.

Requirement for Participant:
  • All participants must meet with case manager weekly to biweekly depending on housing status.
  • All participants must be in drug & alcohol counseling.
  • All participants must pay their portion of rent once that amount is established.

These are the regulations of the SOR program in order for rent to be assisted with.