Drug and Alcohol Services

Center for Community Resources (CCR) offers caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable case managers to assist people who struggle with substance abuse.

CCR Drug and Alcohol Services help support individuals in various degrees through recovery with goal-setting service plans. Drug and Alcohol Services can help resolve issues in housing, education, employment, transportation, child care, substance abuse treatment, and healthcare.

Drug and Alcohol Intensive Case Management (ICM)

Drug and Alcohol Intensive Case Management services are available to individuals who are challenged by substance use issues. The Case Manager’s primary role is to link and connect individuals to providers of substance use treatment, mental health counseling, wellness services, food bank resources, transportation and childcare services.

Case Managers can provide assistance with the application process for benefits such as Medical Assistance, Social Security, employment, or educational opportunities. CCR Case Manager have extensive knowledge of resources and supports in the community that can be a great help to individuals; providing the support they need to achieve their recovery goals.

For more information about Drug & Alcohol Case Management services, call CCR at 724-431-3866.

Drug and Alcohol Case Coordination

Drug & Alcohol Case Coordination services are intended for individuals with a substance use disorder who have decided they want to seek treatment. Case Coordinators provide rapid response to requests, quickly initiating contact and assessing their needs.

For those meeting criteria for in-patient treatment, Case Coordinators help locate a provider who has the capacity to take the individual into their program. While the individual is in treatment, Case Coordinators will maintain contact with the individual and family members to coordinate care and services following discharge from treatment.

Assistance provided may address needs such as housing, employment, educational services, or family support and re-unification.

Case Coordination services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CCR Case Coordinators are available to assist individuals all hours of the night, even if it is 3 AM. 

Get connected with Case Coordination services by calling 1-800-292-3866.

Case Managers and Coordinators support and encourage individuals on their recovery journey by:

  • Connecting individuals to treatment options for drug and alcohol services, mental health, and physical health
  • Assisting with application processes such as Medical Assistance, Social Security, job applications, and educational opportunities
  • Advocating for individuals to probation, courts, housing authority, etc.
  • Reducing barriers by linking to available resources such as transportation and childcare
  • Coaching individuals on life skills including resume building, household management, budgeting, etc.
  • Connecting individuals to basic needs such as food and clothing

Community Reintegration Program (Reentry)

The Community Reintegration Program is an offender program that was established in June of 2012 for sentenced inmates serving a sentence of three months or greater at the Butler County Prison. This is a Butler County program operated in conjunction with CCR. 

Butler County Drug Treatment Court

The mission of Butler County Drug Treatment Court is to reduce the crime rate through a collaborative effort among the members of the community and the criminal justice system resulting in a safer community and a better quality of life for all. This is a Butler County program operated in conjunction with CCR. 

Check the county listing for the services available in your area.

Drug and Alcohol Resources

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