Success Teams for Attendance Results (STAR)

The Center for Community Resources (CCR) STAR program helps your child succeed in school.

What is the STAR Program?

STAR stands for Success Team for Attendance Results.

STAR describes a strengths-based, solutions focused meeting with your child’s school, designed to help you create a plan for improving your student’s school attendance. We all struggle, and sometimes it takes a STAR team to reach the goal!

We want your child to SHINE.

If your child is struggling with meeting the requirements for school attendance, you may be experiencing consequences. Pennsylvania law requires that school districts impose sanctions on both students and their parents when the attendance laws are not followed.

These consequences can range from receiving warning letters to costly fines and possible incarceration for parents. Also, your child can lose driving privileges or have other possible Court interventions. We want to help you meet the requirements, avoid these consequences and have a STAR student in your family.

Your participation in your child’s education is vital.

We value your expertise and know that you are most invested in his or her success. Your voice and the voice of the other important people in your child’s education life are extremely important.

It is also important to be sure your child’s school is doing all they can to meet his or her needs, as a student. With the support and active participation of those who care most, your child will shine.

What to expect when your child is enrolled in STAR.

Meetings will be held in your child’s school. This will allow you to have face-to-face conversation with those individuals who are important in your child’s school experience. Meetings will last from 1.5 to 2 hours and allow for private family discussion to complete an action plan that will be unique to the needs of your family.

We are simply there to offer you support, offer resources, and the right amount of guidance to accomplish your goals.

Our objective is to end with a detailed plan of what each individual member of your child’s STAR team can do to provide him or her with the necessary amount of support for avoiding truancy concerns in the future. Once your plan is completed and endorsed by your school, you will be on your way to school success!

Check the county listing for the services available in your area.

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Follow up will be provided to make sure that you are getting the help you need.

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