24 Hour Crisis Services

We provide intervention, assessment, screening, and referral services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crisis services can be accessed by phone, text, or walk-in, and provided at any location in the county. Crisis staff can mobile in to the community,  school, or home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is a continuum of care with CCR crisis services. We offer follow up support after an immediate crisis; referring to other community providers, and/or maintaining communication every step of the way!

We are here for you!

Check the county listing for the services available in your area.

Call today to talk with a trained specialist

Butler County: 800-292-3866

Clarion County: 814-226-7223

Elk & Cameron Counties: 800-652-0562

Centre County Crisis: 800-643-5432

Juniata Valley Crisis: 800-929-9583

Clearfield & Jefferson Crisis: 800-341-5040

Bedford & Somerset Crisis: 866-611-6467

Schuylkill County: 877-993-4357

Cambria Reach: 877-268-9463

Greene County: 800-417-9460

Northumberland County: 844-337-3224

Wayne County Crisis: 833-557-3224

Potter County Crisis: 866-957-3224

Forest & Warren County Crisis: 844-757-3224

Clinton & Lycoming Crisis: 844-707-3224

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Center for Community Resources (CCR) is an integrated point of contact for individuals and families who are in need of referrals and resources; helping them navigate the human services system.